Solar Lighting


Brief Description: Solar Mate is a lighting kit in a box! Where mains quality lighting is needed in remote locations, such as garden sheds, summer houses, workshops, stables, garden offices, garages etc Solar Mate is the answer.

Solar Mate addresses the problem of illuminating remote areas where no mains power exists.

Exempt from Part P of the Building regulations, Solar Mate can be easily and safely installed by anyone.

Solar Mate’s solar panel will collect enough energy during the course of the day (even in Britain) to power its bulb for between 5 and 7 hours every day of the year (5 hours in the winter – 7 hours for the rest for the year).

Please Note: a battery is required and is not supplied – a 75 or 85 Ah car / caravan battery is recommended available from most motoring / caravanning shops.